CTA Festival 26th and 27th January 2024

CTA Festival 26th and 27th January
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Friday: TCD Unit 18 Macken Street

DCTV’s CTA Festival will take place on the 26th and 27th of January. The session on Friday will be followed by the DCTV AGM. The outline of events for the weekend are outlined below

11:30 Registration: Coffee and pastries
12:00 All Ireland Community TV service

Iris Park DCTV
Ola Tellesbø, director of Frikanalen, Community TV for Norway
Emma Bowell Cork Community Television
Dave Hyndman Northern Visions Community TV Belfast
Peter Doran, Cross Broder Films

1:30pm Lunch at Unit 18 (lunch supplied at venue)

2pm: Community Television: Taking a proactive stance on climate change

Clodagh Daly Centre for Environmental Justice Manager, CLM
Declan McLoughlan, Director of Online & Media Codes & Rules, Coimisúin na Mean
John Gormley, Chair of Screen Greening
3:30pm Coffee Break

4pm Convergence – Radio on TV – Platform neutrality future for content

Vanessa Greene, Community Experience Coordinator
Brian Greene, DCTV
5:15pm break

5:30 pm DCTV AGM

6:30pm fin

Saturday: St Andrew’s Resource Centre, Pearse Street

10am: Coffee and pastries

10:15: Writing successful S&V applications

Declan Cassidy, DCTV
Dorothee Holtkamp, Near TV
11:30 Coffee break

12:00: Social Benefit and Diversity:

Jane O’Sullivan, DCTV

Gill McCaw, Project Director RADE Catherine Hearne, NWCI, (tbc)

1:30pm Networking Lunch (lunch supplied at venue) community groups meet producers

Jane O’Sullivan, DCTV
Gill McCaw, Project Director RADE
Catherine Lane, NWCI, (tbc)

11:30 Coffee break

3pm fin